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Job-site Requirements

At Dickinson Hardwood Flooring we take pride in doing some of the best work in the East Bay. And part of that reason is the willingness of our contractors in assisting us in making sure we complete the job on time and to their standards. Find out below what steps you can take to help us insure you receive the best service possible.

  1. Final grading should be complete. Surface drainage should direct water away from the building.

  2. Crawl space must be dry and well ventilated.

  3. The building must be closed in with all outside windows and doors in place.

  4. All concrete, masonry, sheetrock and framing members, etc., should be thoroughly dry before flooring is delivered to the job-site.

  5. IMPORTANT - In warm months, the building must be well ventilated; in winter, a temperature of 65-70 degrees should be maintained at least five days before the flooring is delivered.

  6. Subfloors shall be broom swept and free from squeaks, unevenness or surface imperfections, i.e. holes in subfloors, nails, low/high spots.

  7. 220 volt, 30 amp power must be within 100 feet of the work area via standard electrical outlets.

  8. There should be 1/2” expansion at all walls. If the baseboards are a ½” thick or narrower, installation of baseshoe or holding sheetrock up is recommended.

   9. The flooring should be stocked at the job-site five (5) days prior to installation.

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