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Refinishing of Existing Hardwood

Bring your old floor back to life

Hardwood floors are a beautiful asset and investment in your home. Sometimes that investment is covered by years of dirt and abuse. Refinishing your existing hardwood floors can bring back the natural beauty of an old floor. The refinishing process can open the door to many different color choices. An old floor which was finished in a natural tone some 20 years ago can be stained in a rich dark brown shade or as dark as a custom ebonized black tone. Our finishing crews are highly skilled and ready to work with you in selecting a stain color which might help with your new décor.

Top Coating Hardwood Floors

Putting color back into your floor

Floor looking a little dull? Has it lost it's shine? Tired of those annoying surface scratches? We'll Dickinson Hardwood has the solution. Thanks to Bona's new 'Power Scrubber' re-coating system, we can liven up those wood floors of yours. One of the few companies in the area using this new technology, our Bona certified installers will have your floor looking brand new in no time.

Dust Containment System

Limit the dust and keep your home clean

Effective dust containment is essential for protecting your health and ensuring your wood floors finished to the best quality achievable. The innovative dust containment systems we use virtually eliminate the nightmare of dust throughout the home, providing healthier working conditions for you and our crew. 

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Elegant Look without the Dust

Prefinished hardwood flooring comes finished from the mill. Most prefinished flooring is finished with aluminum or titanium oxide finishes. These finishes are extremely durable and usually come with a 25 year warranty. Besides the durability, some of the advantages of prefinished flooring are: no fumes in the house, no sanding dust and the floors can be walked on immediately. Limited species, styles, colors and patterns are some disadvantages of prefinished flooring.

Finished on Site Hardwood Flooring
That custom look you've been looking for

Hardwood flooring is available in a finished on site or also known as unfinished. Finished on site flooring is custom finished on site to the owner’s specifications. Unfinished flooring has many advantages over prefinished flooring. It can be stained any where from a light brown to a black ebonized color. Stains can be blended together to come up endless color variations.

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